In the Planning Practice Area we advise public authorities and private companies on planning, management, project execution and compliance. We work in multidisciplinary teams including lawyers specialising in real estate, tax and environmental law.

  • Preparing and processing of planning instruments: territorial, general and development planning
  • Preparing and processing urban management instruments:
    • Equitable distribution of land (re-allotment and compensation)
    • Expropriation proceedings (joint and separate valuation)
  • Planning agreements: negotiating, drafting and approval of agreements on planning and urban management matters
  • Compensation boards and maintenance entities: setting up of planning and advisory entities
  • Urban planning agents: drafting and approval of urban development programmes
  • Processing and obtaining permits and licences:
    • Advice on specific licences, permits and planning authorisations (rural land, commercial licences, tourism authorisations, works, occupation, activity and occupation licences)
  • Implementation of building projects (due diligence):
    • Planning analysis of plots
    • Monitoring administrative approvals of urban developments
    • Verification of licences and permits
    • Compliance with sector-specific legislation
    • Sanction and disciplinary proceedings
  • Administrative and judicial proceedings:
    • Advice on planning proceedings, closure orders and sanctions
    • Administrative and judicial proceedings on the approval of planning and urban management instruments, the refusal of licences and imposition of sanctions
  • Participation in the drafting of new legislation
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