Our Litigation and Arbitration Practice Area advises on civil and commercial disputes. We create multidisciplinary teams so that, in addition to leading specialists in litigation and arbitration, every client benefits from the expertise of lawyers from relevant practice areas. Our aim is to offer our clients added value in every negotiation, claim and arbitration.

It is one of our main goals to understand the specific characteristics of the sectors in which our clients operate, be it banking, finance, telecommunications, energy, infrastructures, construction, real estate, consumer goods or pharmaceuticals, to name but a few. In determining the strategy to be adopted in a dispute, we use this specialist knowledge to ensure the needs and concerns of our clients are paramount, an approach which affords us a competitive advantage valued at both an international and domestic level.


  • Ad hoc
  • Institutional


  • Contractual and tort
  • Product
  • Professional

Corporate litigation

  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Enforcement of shareholder agreements
  • Directors liability claims
  • Challenging company resolutions and board of directors decisions

Civil and commercial contracts

  • Urban leases and horizontal property
  • General terms and conditions
  • Agency, distribution, concession and franchise contracts
  • Termination and rescission of contracts
  • Validity, interpretation and enforcement of civil and commercial contracts
  • Ownership, possession, transfer and administration of immovable property
  • Claims for payment

Enforcement proceedings

  • Execution of foreign and domestic judicial and arbitral awards in Albania
  • Personal and real guarantees
  • Bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes

Fundamental rights and inheritance law

  • Breaches of the rights to honour, privacy and personal image
  • Challenging wills and probate

Class actions

Private enforcement of competition law

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