Welcome to Gumi  Associates 

Gumi & Associates is a relatively young firm that aims to be more agile, more responsive and more innovative than our peers in Albania. We encourage an entrepreneurial approach and employ some of the brightest lawyers in each of the areas of law we operate.  

Our lawyers have a deep knowledge of the market, legislation and legal practice. We are bound together by a strong shared ethos and a common professional approach. We aim to get things done, to share our clients’ objectives and ambitions. Our primary focus is to achieve for our clients a successful commercial outcome.

Underpinning our firm and our work is a set of values and behaviours we strive towards:

  • excellence in everything we do
  • outstanding teamwork
  • trusted relationships with our clients and our communities
  • imagination.

The way we operate is characterised by a combination of openness, confidence, value and respect for people, a sense of humour and proportion, and an absence of hierarchy.
As a law firm, we are strongly committed to fairness. Our work reflects our belief that everyone deserves fair treatment.

We offer a spectrum of capabilities under one roof.

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